• Catalog ordering
  • Exhibition
  • Book Fairs
  • Special ordering
  • Teacher's services
Catalog ordering:

TCC provides Catalog ordering services to teachers, schools, and Education organizations. Which we submit a variety of catalogs for more selections and choices. TCC is an authorized dealer for more than twelve US companies which support our mission to provide our clients with a wide variety of products and brands.

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TCC holds one of the biggest and unique Educational supplies and resources Showroom.


TCC participates in schools exhibition, which helps teacherís parents and school management to evaluate and purchase our products.


TCC carefully selects its products from the top suppliers that meet the companyís strategy and objective. We provide high quality products that are certified by internationally recognized organizations specializing in the types of products that will be used by children.

 Special orders:

TCC provides Email and telephone ordering with free delivery.


TCC Organize conferences and meetings for the teachers and educators to exchange ideas and future requirements for the teachers and schools. The conferences are supported by professional designers and administrators.

Teacherís services:

TCC provides other services to the teachers such as laminating, mass copying, delivery of their purchases to their school. Always we find methods of payment will which will ease the teachersí financial position. Teachers and parentsí connection are some of the services TCC provides.

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