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All paints and glues are NON-TOXTIC, and are certified, evaluated and administrated by ACMI and the following organizations

• Federal Labeling of Hazardous Art Materials Act (LHAMA) .
• Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).
• American Society of Testing and Materials Practice D-4236, “Labeling of Art Materials for Chronic Health Hazards”.
• Larry L. Cook, PhD , DABT, Duke University
• Woodhall Stopford, MD, MSPH.


Products we carry


• Arts and crafts supplies

• Display items

• Incentives

• Paper Products

• Play-dough (homemade)

• Resource books

• Class Décor


Arts and crafts supplies


o        Craft hair

o        Feathers

o        Glitter

o        Wiggly eyes
o        School glue  


Display items


o        Banners

o        Borders

o        Bulletin Board Sets

o        Charts

o        Letters

o        Posters

o        Window & Door Decor




o        Certificates

o        Pencils

o        Stamps

o        Stickers


Paper Products


o        Computer paper

o        Construction Paper

o        Crepe paper

o        Finger-paint paper

o        Notepads

o        Notes (self stick)

o        Paper bags

o        Ruled paper

o        Tissue paper


Play-dough (homemade)


o        Cream of Tartar

o        Food coloring

o        Play dough Mix in a Jar


 Resource books


o        Bulletin Board Ideas

o        Classroom Management

o        Clip Art

o        Language Art Activities

o        Math Activities

o        Science Activities

o        Teaching Methods

o        Workbooks


Class Décor


o        Banners

o        Borders

o        Bulletin Board Sets

o        Charts/Posters

o        Letters

o        Name Plates